Что нового в Дастер II – официальный пресс-релиз производителя

Официальная информация о Дастер 2018 года

Сегодня появился официальный пресс-релиз производителя, в котором названа точная дата премьеры европейской версии Дастера нового поколения – Dacia Duster 2018. Машину журналистам и посетителям автошоу во Франкфурте покажут в 11:10 по местному времени 12 сентября, то есть менее, чем через 2 недели. Российским почитателям бюджетного кроссовера эта презентация будет безусловно интересна, ведь именно 12 числа мы сможем узнать, каким будет и наш Renault Duster следующего поколения. Вот сам текст пресс-релиза.

All-new Duster: more Duster than ever!
At a glance:

  • All-new modern, attractive and robust exterior styling.
  • More than one million Dacia Dusters already sold worldwide.
  • A completely redesigned interior, new equipment and a host of other new features to be revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.
  • All-new Duster will be unveiled at a press conference at the 2017 Frankfurt Show at 11:10 am local time on September 12.

Boulogne-Billancourt, August 30, 2017 – Dacia has renewed Duster, the brand’s iconic SUV which boasts modern, all-new robust styling. Not only is All-New Duster as versatile as ever but it is also even more attractive and, with more than one million unit sales to its credit to date, a new chapter in the model’s history is about to begin. Dacia will unveil All-new Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Show.

All-new Duster’s adventurer pedigree and ability to stray off the beaten track are expressed by the latest version’s updated design. In keeping with the model’s DNA, All-new Duster combines robust, muscular styling with a truly assertive personality that is emphasised by a brand-new body colour, Atacama Orange.


  • All-new Duster’s distinctive grille extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s extreme corners and makes the model appear wider.
  • A new lighting signature including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections.
  • The crease lines of the horizontal bonnet contribute to the vehicle’s assertive stance.
  • The larger, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish skid plate reinforces the car’s adventurer credentials and is scratch-resistant to maintain its smart look.


  • The higher belt line adds to the impression of strength and occupant protection.
  • The windscreen has been brought forward 100 mm compared with the current Duster and is more steeply raked, which makes the cabin longer so it looks more spacious.
  • The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
  • 17-inch wheels and prominent wheel arches.
  • Black wing arch trims highlight the car’s adventurer credentials.


  • Voluminous haunches.
  • Horizontal lines and lights positioned at the extreme corners to heighten the car’s solid stance.
  • Dacia’s rear lighting signature – four red stacked squares – has been adapted for Duster.
  • Wider, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish rear skid plate.

All-new Duster also features upgraded travelling comfort thanks to a completely redesigned, quality-feel interior and new equipment.

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